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Working Out With Your Partner

For many, the path to health and fitness is a solo journey. The difficult task of justifying an apparent radical lifestyle choice to friends and loved ones often produces resentment and isolation. However, couples who choose to work out together have discovered a multitude of benefits. Exercising together can boost the quality of a romantic relationship. When sharing a common fitness goal, bonds are strengthened in ways that may not have been formed in another way. Studies show that couples who workout together feel more satisfied in their relationships.

Having a gym buddy is an excellent way to create a regular exercise routine with little to no excuses for skipping a planned day. When the gym buddy is someone who shares your household, the degree of accountability is increased. Manufactured excuses such as family or business obligations won't work. The most difficult aspect to working out is simply showing up, so having someone right there to escort you provides less wiggle room for avoidance.

The foundation of a relationship or marriage is teamwork. Taking on new fitness challenges with your partner can take your relationship to a whole new level. By partnering up to achieve health and fitness goals, you create a new, dynamic way for you to bond and to achieve a level of success that you’ve been dreaming of. As you both work toward your goals, you have a better understanding of the obstacles and victories your partner is experiencing. That can help in many ways, not the least of which is trust, attraction and intimacy.


With our busy schedules, finding time to spend with the people we care about can be a challenge. Working out together can be a way to spend additional time together. When you're exercising together with your special someone, you're guaranteed time together for the frequency of your workout schedule. When you’re both committed to the same workout regimen, you’ll be spending time together rather than arguing about one person always being at the gym.

We can all benefit from a little motivation. Who better to keep you going than your special someone? The idea of being “in it together” increases the effort put into the workout itself and with maintaining fitness as part of your lifestyle. There are lots of ways you can motivate each other – just be sure to find fun and constructive ones that work for both of you.

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