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Age is Just a Number

At Fit Over 40 Orlando, we specialize in helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles. Train with us to achieve your fitness goals using a plan designed specifically for you that takes all the guesswork out of training.

Specialized Training Plans

Our goal is to educate, train, encourage, guide and challenge you to become your best self. The Fit Over 40 Orlando training program creates a plan based on your individual needs and current fitness level. We show you how to make significant improvements in strength and functional ability despite the physiological changes that occur with aging. More importantly, we teach you how to avoid exercise-related injuries.

Certified Fitness Trainer

Work only with the best and most-qualified fitness trainers. Charles Donahue has years of industry experience. His skills are backed by the following certifications:

  • NCSF–Certified Personal Trainer

  • AAPT–Certified Personal Trainer

  • TRX–Certified Instructor

  • SilverSneakers–Certified Instructor

  • Alloy–Certified Trainer

  • AED/CPR Certification

  • Bodybugg Calorie Management System Certification

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